it's like being a kid in a candy shop—but better

Going back to Disney World as an adult can be even more fun than you remember it when you were a kid, you get to have all the fun you had when you were a tike but now you have access to all the forbidden things that are allowed for the older crowd. 

Disney knows how loyal their lifelong fans are and they've poured tons into making sure you're just as happy as an adult. 

This means you can indulge in plenty of spa time and then go out at night on Disney's Boardwalk which provides shopping, restaurants, and nightlife for guests above the age of 21. 

There's also loads of backstage and special tours that only allow older visitors like, the Wild Africa Trek, Marine Quest, Keys to the Kingdom, and Nighttime Safari.

When you're ready to indulge the kid in you, sneak out at night and jump on some thrill rides. Most kiddos are tucked away in bed after dark which means much shorter lines for you.

And then there's the food—from fair food to gourmet tastings with the chef, anything you want can be cooked up for your stay at Disney.