Vacations designed to make every day extraordinary.


Susan Peavey Travel is a boutique travel agency that will custom-tailor a vacation to exactly what you're dreaming of.

Whether you're picturing yourself relaxing on a pristine beach while drinking a peach margarita or you exploring a part of the world you've not crossed off your bucket list yet, we're here to help you create a vacation of a lifetime.

Why should you book with a travel agent when you can DIY online?

  1. We're more likely to get you the lowest price—even when you shop those bargain websites. It is literally our job to know all the best places to get you the best value. 
  2. Our connections get you perks! We're able to get you offers for discounted airfare, resort credit, free breakfasts... just because we're well connected.
  3. You get the benefit of our status when dealing with hotels. It's far easier to tell a private customer "no" than a company who books gives that resort a lot of business. We have sway that will make your life easier.
  4. As travel agents, we have the all the inside knowledge that saves you a lot of time and energy—and time is money. The deals we find for you in the blink of an eye would take you 3 times as long with half the value. 
  5. We've got your back if something goes wrong during your trip. You're on vacation! You don't need to be stressed out if you hate your car rental or something goes wrong with your flight, we're here to help make your trip as smooth as possible.
  6. We're certified in cruises, resorts, and travel planning which means we have to go through rigorous training to be certified. Our business is also bonded so booking your trip through us is completely risk-free. 

Here's the best part—our services are 100% free for you.

If our travel agency doesn't charge a fee to plan your vacation, how do we get paid?

Our sales commission from the hotels and resorts you stay at, cruises you go on, activities booked through us, and your ground transportation rentals. 

We only make our recommendations based on our clients' needs—not our sales commissions, so you can rest assured that you'll only stay at places that you want to be and that meet our highest standards for fun, comfort, reliability, and safety. Making sure you're happy and taken care of is our top priority.


We're more than just a travel agency. We're family.


We may not be family by blood but we're certainly family in spirit. And that family bond is just one of the reasons we're so successful—we're able to share our experiences with one another, bounce travel and entertainment ideas off each other, and have a great time together.

The Susan Peavey Travel team is 1 in a million and there's nothing we enjoy more than going above-and-beyond for your vacation. Listening to what you want and tailoring a vacation to your exact needs is what we're best at. And we don't stop at planning your vacation—if you have any problems during your stay, we're here to help whatever the problem is. 

Booking your vacation, honeymoon or destination wedding through Susan Peavey Travel is one of the best vacation decisions you'll ever make and it's only a click away. 

Susan Peavey | owner | Travel Agent | Susan Peavey Travel

Susan Peavey

OWNER | Travel agent

I was mesmerized by being at the airport when I was a young girl and back then, somehow, I knew I would make travel my business. In 2001, I was able to turn that passion for travel into my own travel agency.  

I'm proud to say my agency has been awarded the Platinum agency award for Palace resorts, Diamond level 2 for Karisma resorts, we've become a Rising Star for HardRock resorts, reached the Silver agency level for FunJet Vacation, and completed the Romance travel forum. 

The past 20 years has seen a lot of change in the way we travel and I make sure to forge the path my clients will take by staying in all the same cities, eating the same food, and taking the same flights that my clients be taking. 

Earning the trust & respect of our clients and making sure their hopes & dreams are carefully woven into their stay for a fabulous trip is my #1 priority which is why we work so hard as a team to stay on top of our game. 

Andrea | Travel Agent | Susan Peavey Travel


travel agent | certified specialist Palace Pro Agent | Hawaii Destination Specialist
AMR Master Agent | Mexico Specialist |
Destination Wedding Certified

I was the friend who organized all our group vacations... the girls getaways, the family ski trips, we even surprised one of the husbands by renting a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands.

It was only natural that I took my love of travel and organizing and made it my career. My love for travel goes far beyond airline reservations and hotel bookings, though.

My goal is to work with you to help plan your perfect trip and introduce you to options you didn’t even know existed. Although I specialize in warm, tropical locations, I can help you plan a fabulous trip anywhere in the world.  I have worked with singles, couples, families and groups.

No trip is too short, group too large, or question too silly to be asked.

Carrie | travel agent | Susan Peavey Travel


Travel Agent | Palace Resorts Specialist | HardRock Hotels | Playa Resorts 

Working with Susan Peavey Travel for 4 years, Carrie has quickly become a Palace Pro specialist along with HardRock Hotels and Playa Resorts.

Carrie brings with her a wealth of Caribbean travel, especially Turks and Caicos and Jamaica.

Claire | Travel Agent | Susan Peavey Travel


travel agent | Antigua specialist | Viking cruises | palace resorts

Claire has traveled to the Island of Antigua countless times and so it was only natural for her to become our Antigua specialist here at Susan Peavey Travel and she's been planning picture-perfect island vacations there for over 4-years.

Her expertise in Palace Resorts allows her to craft indulgent all-inclusive vacations to any of their tropical locations, helping her clients relax in luxury while experiencing the most that the resorts have to offer.

Claire is also a specialist for Viking Cruises and she whips up perfect cruise packages for her clients whether they want to take a relaxing river cruise in Budapest or sail the open seas to Norway, Italy, or Belize.

Claire happily meets with clients in-person in our Harwich Port office, by appointment only.

Jessica  | Travel Agent | Susan Peavey Travel


Travel Agent | EUROPE | INTERNATIONAL | Cunard Cruises

Jessica's travel career has spanned over an impressive 50 years. It has recently landed her at Susan Peavy Travel as a specialist in European travel.

She recently travelled by air to the UK and sailed back to the United States on the Queen Mary 2, a transatlantic cruise that's filled with luxury, decadent foods, elegant ballrooms that play host to upscale cocktail events—and the Queen Mary 2 is the only cruise that kennels pets so your pampered dog or cat can travel in style with you.

Kimberly  | Travel Agent | Susan Peavey Travel


Travel Agent | Jamaica One Love Program | American Airlines | Cancun Specialist | Westin Resort Specialist | Puerto Rico Specialist | budget travel

While Kimberly has recently joined Susan Peavey Travel, her industry experience dates back to 2013. 

Kimberly takes her education in the travel industry seriously. She continues to seek out opportunities to learn and grow her knowledge base for her client's benefits. 

Growing up in an area and time that every penny counted, she encourages those who do not think they can travel to talk to her! She is proud to say that she knows and understands the value of a buck and how to create a good return on investment for all of her clients—regardless of the budget! 

She even took that understanding into her adult life by earning a degree in accounting. We love to quote her when she says, "I like to make sure every penny spent makes sense!" and we suspect that her travelers will appreciate that attention to detail and her budget sensitivity will help find a good match for all who come her way.

She has her own hashtag #IPlanUPack

While she has traveled to Puerto Rico, Cancun, Cozumel, the Bahamas, and many places throughout the states, she lives vicariously thru other people's vacations by planning them!

Leah  | Travel Agent | Susan Peavey Travel


Travel Agent | family vacations | single/group cruises | all inclusive | honeymoon

Leah is a wife and mother to 3 young girls and is a true planner at heart.

It seemed only natural to become a travel agent a few years ago. As my knowledge of destinations has grown so has my love for be job.

I am currently certified as a Disney Vacation planner, Universal Studios, Aruba, St. Lucia, MSN cruises, etc.

Lisa | travel agent | Susan Peavey Travel


Travel Agent | Disney Specialist

Lisa specializes in Disney and Caribbean destinations and has been with Susan Peavey Travel for 2 years. She has completed the Disney College of Knowledge and is officially a Disney vacation expert.

With every vacation she plans, Lisa takes the time to focus on what you're looking for and what's the most important to you.  

Whether you are looking for a family vacation, friendcation, honeymoon, or adventure trip, she will help put together the perfect itinerary.

When she is not working, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and two children to whom she is passing on her love of travel.

Samantha | travel agent | Susan Peavey Travel


Travel Agent | honeymoons | multi-generation vacations

Having worked in the travel industry for more than 10 years, Samantha finds two types of specialized vacations to be her favorite to book: Honeymoons and Multi-generational family vacations.

Knowing that honeymoons are a once-in-a-lifetime trip, it brings her great joy to make it an extra-special experience by always including a fun little surprise into the trip. 

Samantha also enjoys the challenge of booking multi-generational family vacations. Because these vacations tend to be for large family groups it's essential to include activities that will delight everyone and she works hard to make it a trip that will gratify even the most persnickty family member.  

Her clients love how easy it is to reach her and how quickly she responds—whether it's about needing additional information or needing help during their vacation.

Samantha is patient and steadfast in creating a vacation destination and package that is right for her clients. Whether it takes 3 vacation quotes or 25 vacation quotes, Samantha makes sure her clients' vacations are just right.

Suz | travel agent | Susan Peavey Travel


Travel Agent | destination weddings, honeymoons | LGBTQ+ vacations

Well-traveled throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe, Suz has worked in the travel industry for 3 years.

She aptly leverages her previous background in event planning to bring a fresh take on group travel, destination weddings, and unique honeymoons!  

As your "Memory Architect" Suz sets you up with loads of recommendations for places to visit and things to do, on top of getting you where you need to go and how to get there.  

Each stress-free trip is orchestrated specifically for luxury, relaxing, reflecting, and re-connection—helping you make everlasting memories.

Suz works closely with the LGBTQ+ community to ensure a safe and fun experience. She understands there is a lack of support for LGBTQ+ vacation planning and provides a wealth of information on safe and welcoming locations for an all-around wonderful adventure.

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